Use An Iphone Spying Software If Your Child’s Education Is Your First Priority

From an adult to a teenager, which ever person you pick, everyone will tell you how big a fan of iPhone they are. With such amazing features available with iPhones, children seem to get carried away with that. A few children face severe academic issues while others tend to have health issues. A parent’s role is strictly tested in such circumstances and they need to keep a close eye on their children at all times. It is in such circumstances that an iPhone spying software turns out to be a vital tool for parents.

How can StealthGenie be of any help to you?

An iPhone spying software helps parents keep a close eye on the cell phone usage of their children. StealthGenie runs unnoticeably in the cell phone of your child without letting anyone know about it. It is only a matter of minutes before StealthGenie gets installed in your child’s cell phone and provides you access to all the data inside it.

Start-up procedure:

To start using StealthGenie, you must sign-up for an account with them first. Next you need to download this software in the cell phone of your child. Once you have received a User ID and Password from StealthGenie, you will be able to view the complete data in your child’s cell phone from anywhere in the world. If you are using any iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 or 4S model, you will not be facing any compatibility issues with StealthGenie.

Call records:

Information about all the calls dialed and received on your child’s cell phone is provided to you. This information includes the complete duration of each call and the exact time at which it was made. Parents even have the option to record a particular call if they wish to.

Internet access:

The entire web browsing history of children is provided to parents. Parents even get to view all the e-mails messages of the children.

Proper time:

Parents need to make sure that their children are giving proper time to their studies. An iPhone spying software StealthGenie helps parents complete their job with extreme ease.

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