Mobile Tracker: SureFire Safety Is Just a Click Away

I believe there is a reasoning for tracking whereabouts of your kids as long as it offers guaranteed safety of children. I won’t consider that as spying, Not at all! Therefore an All-In-One mobile tracker can even be used to give family and loved ones a bit more freedom as a standby for having them always having to ask for approval or call in to move around from place to place. And I don’t think it should only be limited to kids. Cell phone trackers can be comforting when used voluntarily by grown-ups. As in the workplaces, where employers should keep their workers under lock and key to keep in control the misuse of office resources.

Who Said its Monitoring, It’s Just Plain Reassurance!

Whether its children or employees; with 3G Internet and Wi-Fi on the go, even the honest ones on occasion can wander off from following set of rules assigned to them. Therefore as a parent I was thinking of ways as to how I can keep checks on my kids’ whereabouts. This must comfort concerned parents from having to call or text their kids every now and then to know if they’re doing OK. So to rule this thing out, installing the best mobile tracker will be a great choice I tell you!

StealthGenie – The Emerging Mobile Monitoring Trend

StealthGenie might not be an unknown name when it comes to mobile tracking because top applications like that, do come into notice. As for me, it fits to my predictions and standards because it is by far the most flexible spy app I came across. It works totally undercover and requires one quick installation. Then, no matter wherever you are, you can track the location and other cell phone based activities of your child. You just need to log in to StealthGenie’s Control panel and you can give remote commands to target phone as well. As in:

  • Activate or deactivate app
  • Wipe data off target phone
  • Lock phone remotely
  • Keep data backup

It has some cool ways of tracking cell phone’s activities. It lets you do:

  • Geo-fence the areas and get notification alerts via emails when someone leaves or enter the restricted areas!
  • SMS, multimedia and e-mail spying
  • Contact list viewing
  • Get Call history logs
  • Web browsing history
  • Complete Location tracking
  • Location history details
  • Phone surrounding
  • Pictures and Videos
  • SIM change alerts
  • Trigger alerts for suspicious words or phrases shared via SMS or email

Watch Out & Be Prepared!

Making suitable measures to handle unpleasant situations would be the safest thing in safe parenting. StealthGenie shows adaptability with all the popular OS including, iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry so compatibility and reliability won’t come out as a problem. You can always check the handset’s compatibility from Don’t wait for the misfortune to strike on your door, get mobile tracker instantly home!

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Worried from the Excuses of Kids and Employees? Use Android Spy

Although Android phones have given ease to parents and employers in communication yet it has also raised a few concerns. Kids and employees sometimes neglect their necessary tasks remaining busy in play games, gossiping or using apps from their Android phones. However, Android spy can also be used to detect their activities.

Basic Reasons to Monitor

All parents know that their children will certainly abuse their smartphones in their absence, which can result in cyber bullying, viewing inappropriate content online and bad grades in schools. Similarly, employees can use it for personal purposes such as gossiping and office politics etc. So they should be monitored to achieve appropriate discipline measurements.

Selecting Your Monitoring Application

It is very important to take suggestions from others especially from those who have some experience of using tracking apps. Luckily I found two of friends but two of them suggested me the same app i.e. StealthGenie. According to them, it is one of the best Android spy options available in the market lately. It will give following facilities:

  • Email view access
  • Call logs
  • SMS logs
  • Call recording
  • Deleted data access
  • All Android versions up to 4.4 are compatible
  • iMs (Viber, Skype and WhatsApp) data can also be accessed through StealthGenie
  • Contact list
  • Time and date access for each and every activity
  • Web surfing account
  • User-friendly functions as you will not need to be very technical to use it. Once installed in the target users’ smartphones, its monitoring mode is active. Its installation is always instant.
  • Tracking features for locating the position, its route and detecting target users activities in certain defined zones are available

Additional but Innovative Live Surrounding Feature

Live surrounding feature will assist you in monitoring the companionships of your kids as you can hear conversations going on around the target phone. You can also use it to maintain discipline during client presentations and projects remotely by keeping your employees in control.

StealthGenie – The Best Available Monitoring Option for You!

So it touches all the monitoring components required by parents and employers to keep their kids and employees in order respectively whether it is in the form of live surrounding or viewing every single online activity on their smartphones. So StealthGenie Android spy app will definitely a proud option for you now!

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The Mobile Phone Spy Software that makes Spying seem like Childs Play

youth-in-digital-platforms-smarphonesThe Growing Need for a Mobile Spy

Mobile phone spy software are becoming increasingly common, with the explosion of smart phones all over the world; the need for mobile monitoring applications has increased as well.

As a parent you would want to know whom exactly your children are talking to, till how long into the night are they talking, whether they are getting involved with the wrong kind of people, if they are being subject to abuse, or whether they have started taking drugs.

On the other hand if you happen to be an employer and run an organization that hires a number of people, you would want to keep an eye on their activities to make sure they are doing their job as it meant to be done and that they are staying true to company ethics. Phoggi is one such mobile phone spy software that can help parents and employers.

Getting Information the Hassle-Free Way

Phoggi gives parents and employers information that would be of immense help to the both them. Information that would otherwise not be available; it grants them a remote access to their child’s/employee’s cell phone.

Phoggi may seem like a very technical kind of a software, and it is, however, when it comes to installation and usage it is very simple to use. It works perfectly on all Android based cellphones running android version 2.1 and above, iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, and BlackBerry cellphones running OS 5.0 and above.

Using Phoggi to your Advantage

You might be wondering exactly how you can use Phoggi to your advantage, its simple:

  • For one you can use it to track down the location of the smartphone and the person, and it will help track them down.
  • You can go through text messages, and even look at ones that have been deleted.
  • Pictures can be viewed and downloaded to give a clearer picture of what your child is up to.
  • You can even go through the browser history and look up the websites a person has visited, at what times, and even view their bookmarks.
  • Call records and Contacts can be looked at to determine if employees are working more than they are talking, and would even help parents in keeping track of whom their children are talking to and at what times.


Phoggi is a mobile phone spy software that has a very balanced amount of features, its invisible once installed inside a smartphone, and other than that it costs just around $5.41 a month. For all that it enables a person to do; it certainly is quite the bargain.

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Why Android Cell Phone Monitoring Is Important For Your Kid’s Future

android-appAll sorts of cell phones are being used by people for a few years now but the cell phone that has left all the others behind is an Android smartphone. Android operating systems are preferred by most companies to be used with their smartphones which has made Android phones the most used smartphones in the world. Lately, with the trend of providing your employees with smartphones for official use, Android phones are used by many companies to communicate with their employees. An added advantage with this is that employers get to keep a close eye on the cell phone activities of their employees if they install an Android cell phone monitoring app inside it.

What is Phoggi?

Phoggi is a pretty useful phone monitoring app that works unnoticeably inside your employee’s cell phone and lets you watch all the data that is present inside the cell phone of your employee. Due to the secretive nature of this app, your employee does not even know about the presence of Phoggi inside their cell phone. All the Android phones from Google, LG, Samsung, hTC, Motorola, Sony and others running on Android OS 2.1 or higher are fully compatible with Phoggi. You simply need your Phoggi log-in details and an internet connection to access your employee’s entire cell phone data.

Web Access and Contact Details:

The entire web browsing history of your employees is shown to you with the help of this monitoring app. Employers even get to view all the pages bookmarked by their employees. Another facility provided by Phoggi is that you get to view all the contact numbers that are stored inside the cell phone of your employee.

Call and SMS Messages Records:

Every single call record of your employees is provided to you with the help of this Android cell phone monitoringapp. The precise time and the total duration of every incoming, missed and outgoing call are part of these records. Even all the SMS messages sent, received and saved by employees on their cell phone are shown to employees with the help of Phoggi.

Extremely Economical:

Phoggi works excellently with your employee’s cell phone and it is your best friend when you wish to know about the activities of your employee. Monitoring your employee’s activities with the help of an Android cell phone monitoring app is extremely economical, for a price even below $5.50 a month.

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iMessage Spying At Your Fingertips With The Help Of This Spy App

An era of iPhone is what we are witnessing nowadays. The upcoming generation has opened its eyes at the peak of technological advancements and it will be safe to say that this new generation ensures a bright future ahead all of us. Unfortunately, from a parent’s point of view, this excessive usage of iPhone by children is a cause of concern for them. Parents find their children sending text messages and sharing pictures and videos with their friends through imessage. To control the excessive use of imessage by children, an imessage spying app is the most useful tool for parents.

A Reliable App:

A potent and reliable imessage spying app is StealthGenie. This app is really user-friendly and extremely easy to use. StealthGenie quietly runs inside your child’s cell phone without disclosing about its presence to anyone at all. You don’t even need to worry about any feature of your kid’s cell phone getting disturbed during or after its installation.


Use the internet to register for an account with StealthGenie before downloading this app in your child’s iPhone. After this you will receive a User ID and password from StealthGenie. Use those log-in details and gain unlimited access to the entire cell phone data of your child without any worries. StealthGenie works amazingly well with iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 and 4S models. All these models run on an operating system of iOS 4.0 or higher.

iMessage Data:

This imessage spying app provides parents with all the data that has been shared by their child through the imessage. This includes every text message send and received by your child through imessage as well as every picture or video shared by them.

Call Records:

All the call records of your child’s cell phone are shown to parents with the help of StealthGenie. This includes the incoming, missed and outgoing call records. Even the exact time and complete duration of all the calls is part of this record. You may even record all the calls or any particular call if you want to.

The Best Part:

An imessage is a really convenient way of communication for teenagers and this is why they simply love this app. With the help of an imessage spying app, parents can quite easily keep a really close eye on their children and the best part is that your child does not even know about this.

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Spy iPhone WhatsApp with Ultimate Secrecy!

Buying your kid an iPhone is not a bad decision. But you need to keep your eyes opened in case your kids use it in any inappropriate or immoral way. Even if you decide to give your old iPhone to your kids, don’t forget to install a cell phone spy app that will also let you spy iPhone WhatsApp messages and media.

Why WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a free texting application through which two or more WhatsApp users can exchange messages and media at one time. Since it is free, you can send and receive as many texts and media files as you want. Parents should spy iPhone WhatsApp messages and media content so that the kids may not indulge in bad habits like sexting or do not share inappropriate videos and images.

How to Spy WhatsApp on iPhone?

When dealing with iPhone you should know that security is a key point. So go for a cell phone monitoring app that not only will let you monitor their regular SMS, calls, e-mails, web history, etc. but will a lot let you soy iPhone WhatsApp too in stealth mode. Everyone prizes one’s repute the most and so do I. that’s why I don’t recommend any software that I don’t trust. I have my full trust on StealthGenie.

Trust Me to Trust StealthGenie:

I have been reviewing gadgets and software for as long as I can remember. And cell phone spying apps had been my area of interest for a long time. I have come to rate StealthGenie as a top-rank spy app that would let you secretly spy on that target phone’s calls, SMS, e-mails, web history, location and even SIM changes. It has two packages-Gold and Platinum starting from $13 a month.

StealthGenie has recently released new features and now you can also spy iPhone WhatsApp with full secrecy. You can read all messages, time & date stamps and also the IM names of senders and recipients as well. So no matter if your kids use regular SMS or WhatsApp, they simply cannot hide anything from you. Same goes for the media that has also been saved in the phone’s gallery.

Now is the time to stop reading articles and take action. Buy your StealthGenie subscription today when the prices are low- starting from $13 per month and spy iPhone WhatsApp with complete confidence!

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Why Most Mobile Spy Apps Fail?

I remember back at high school, we were taught a lesson, “Why boys fail in college?” the article was quite an interesting one and most of us could relate to the reasons explained by the writer. That’s how I got inspired to write an article about why most mobile spy apps fail?

This article will deal with some of the important reasons why most such apps fail to do business or retain their clientele. The end of the article, however, deals with a relative better app for monitoring kids or employees.

Cashing In on Unethical Aspects:

Obviously when you read that you can catch a cheating spouse with evidence is going to sow seeds of distrust and suspicions in your heart even if you are having a satisfied married life. Is your partner cheating on you? Does your spouse sleeps around when s/he is on business trips abroad and such questions incite the hidden suspicious streak in all of us. But then such unethical dimensions make life a hell for us when our spouse finds about it. That’s the main reason why most mobile spy apps fail to get re-subscribed because they sell your trust on your partner.

False Promises:

Nothing hurts a customer but a false promise. Why market something so aggressively when you don’t have it? Some of the mobile spy apps don’t think you’re smart enough to ever find out that they are not even offering half of the things they vehemently claim. My colleague used an app that incessantly talked about the customer support team which simply did not exist! And what’s the result? You buy it once and black-list forever!

Run-of-the-Mill features:

Customers today are smart and assertive than ever. They want something new to keep coming their way or they will lose interest. They want something exclusive- something they can show-off to their colleagues. Most mobile spy apps have the identical features (some don’t even bother to change the names) and they give a long vacation to their developers. No wonder they lose their clientele at the double the speed they developed it.

Are All Mobile Spy Apps Good for Nothing?

Now if I sound like a skeptic, I did not intend to sound like one. But the fact is that there must be something for me to praise. Well I am not a gone case and think that life is still beautiful. And we do have some mobile spy apps like StealthGenie that have something new after every three months or so for the critics to keep busy and the new features do keep the clients intact, too. Their after-sales services are pretty impressive because they have a real time customer support team working 24/7.

But I like StealthGenie mainly because unlike most other mobile spy apps, it has mature appeal and exclusive features. But for more on reviews, you’d have read article I wrote expressly on them. For now, you can trust me to trust StealthGenie. It’s definitely worth a shot!

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Get rid of all the troublemakers amongst your staff; use a mobile spy app

From childhood our parents have taught us one thing and that is to always think good for others and everything will go right for you. If every employee in a company goes according to that rule, there will be no problems at all. But unfortunately a few employees prefer words such as ‘mischievous’ and ‘troublemakers’ to be used alongside their name. To uncover such good-for-nothing employees, a mobile spy app could be the best help that you can get.

What does StealthGenie do?

A really good mobile spy app by the name of StealthGenie helps employers gain complete access to the entire cell phone data of their employees whenever they want to. This app is really small in size and it runs quietly in the back of your employee’s mobile phone without letting anyone find out about it. You don’t even need to worry about any feature of your employee’s mobile phone getting disturbed during its installation.

Signing up:

Use the internet to sign-up for an account with StealthGenie. By the time you would download this app in your employee’s mobile phone, you would have received a User ID and password from your mobile spy app. Use those log-in details and you will be able to view the entire cell phone data of your employees anytime and from anywhere in the world. StealthGenie works excellently with all the latest smartphones using BlackBerry, iPhone and Android operating systems.

Call records:

Getting hold of all the incoming, outgoing and missed call records of your employees is going to give you a pretty good idea as to who they talk to and about what. You also get to see the complete duration and the precise time of every call. Employers are even given the option to record a particular call if they wish to.

Live surroundings:

This feature of StealthGenie is a personal favorite for many StealthGenie users. With the help of this feature, employers can record all the sounds in the surroundings of their employee’s cell phone whenever they want to.

Smooth running:

A mobile spy app is an excellent support for employers to get rid of all the black sheep amongst their staff. It is extremely difficult to get rid of all the troublemakers, but at least reducing them to a minimum could help in the smooth running of your business.

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Figure Out How An Android Spy Software Is A Useful Tool For Parents

Smartphones are the future of mobile phones. With the world moving ever so quickly, life without a cell phone can’t even be given a thought. With Android phones being the most used smartphones around the world, in a few years’ time, keeping an Android phone would be more of a requirement than a luxury. With children using their Android phones pretty extensively, it is the duty of every parent to keep a close eye on the cell phone usage of their child at all times with the help of an Android spy software.

What Does StealthGenie Do?

StealthGenie is a spy software for the Android phone of your child that provides parents with all the information that they need to know regarding their child’s Android phone. This software discreetly runs inside the cell phone of your child without disrupting any features inside it. You simply need an internet connection and a User ID and password from StealthGenie to access the entire cell phone data of your child anytime and anywhere in the world.

GPS Location:

StealthGenie helps parents trace the precise GPS location of their child whenever they want to. To avoid any technical issues in future, parents must make sure that their child is using none other than an Android phone with an operating system of 2.1 or higher.

SMS Messages Records:

The favorite time-pass for teenagers is talking to their friends via SMS messages. If parents get to see the SMS messages conversations of their child, they will get a summary of their daily routine. This Android spy software provides parents with all the messages in the Sent Box, Inbox and Drafts of their child’s Android phone.

Internet Access:

The entire web browsing history of your child’s cell phone along with all their e-mail messages is provided to parents with the help of this Android spy software.

Busy Life:

Life has become extremely busy nowadays. This Android spy software does not even create a slight bit of problem in the busy schedule of parents and helps them monitor their child as and when they want to.

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Use An Iphone Spying Software If Your Child’s Education Is Your First Priority

From an adult to a teenager, which ever person you pick, everyone will tell you how big a fan of iPhone they are. With such amazing features available with iPhones, children seem to get carried away with that. A few children face severe academic issues while others tend to have health issues. A parent’s role is strictly tested in such circumstances and they need to keep a close eye on their children at all times. It is in such circumstances that an iPhone spying software turns out to be a vital tool for parents.

How can StealthGenie be of any help to you?

An iPhone spying software helps parents keep a close eye on the cell phone usage of their children. StealthGenie runs unnoticeably in the cell phone of your child without letting anyone know about it. It is only a matter of minutes before StealthGenie gets installed in your child’s cell phone and provides you access to all the data inside it.

Start-up procedure:

To start using StealthGenie, you must sign-up for an account with them first. Next you need to download this software in the cell phone of your child. Once you have received a User ID and Password from StealthGenie, you will be able to view the complete data in your child’s cell phone from anywhere in the world. If you are using any iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 or 4S model, you will not be facing any compatibility issues with StealthGenie.

Call records:

Information about all the calls dialed and received on your child’s cell phone is provided to you. This information includes the complete duration of each call and the exact time at which it was made. Parents even have the option to record a particular call if they wish to.

Internet access:

The entire web browsing history of children is provided to parents. Parents even get to view all the e-mails messages of the children.

Proper time:

Parents need to make sure that their children are giving proper time to their studies. An iPhone spying software StealthGenie helps parents complete their job with extreme ease.

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